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Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Partnership Procedures Manual


These Child Protection Procedures are reviewed and updated on a 6 month rolling program and all amendments are noted here with the exception of minor text spelling errors or similar. Urgent updates may be added where the outcome of a Case Review or inspection requires and amendment. Alerts will be sent out for any changes.



August 2020

CAPTION: amendments August 2020
Updated Chapters
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This chapter has been updated in line with the new digital referral system for reporting potential victims of Modern Slavery.


This chapter has been updated to reflect Keeping Children Safe in Education statutory guidance (updated September 2019) and reference to Upskirting which is a specific example of abusive behaviour which has been linked to on-line bullying and grooming. Upskirting is a criminal offence and, as such, should be reported to the Police.

Children from Abroad, including Victims of Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Exploitation

This chapter has been updated to take account of the new NRM digital referral form and the change to a Single Competent Authority (SCA).

Children Missing from Care, Home and Education

This chapter has been updated in line with new NRM digital referral form to report Modern Slavery.

Agency Roles and Responsibilities

This procedure has been significantly updated and should be re read.

Next Update: February 2021


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